Agent Positions

Ideal Talent Agency is always accepting resumes or proposals for current agents. We are generally receptive to hiring any experienced, qualified candidate on a commission only basis.  Base plus commission deals are reserved to specific positions actively being sought by the company or to a select few extremely qualified current agents wishing to make a lateral move.


Assistant Positions

If any assistant positions come up, they are generally posted on or selected from resumes on file.  When such positions become available, we give special consideration to any former interns who have recently graduated.



We are always accepting applications for internships.  Intern positions are unpaid but have consistently fulfilled all the requirements for college credit internship programs.  Preference is given to those who can work full time as part of a college semester program or interns who can work at least three days a week.  Our internships are educationally based and generally project focused as opposed to consisting chiefly of administrative work.  Our internships must adhere to all relevant US and State labor laws.