Ideal Talent Agency accepts unsolicited submissions from actors.

Email:  Links are preferred.  You may include a picture as attachments in your email, but it must not be larger than 1MB.  Send to


Ideal Talent Agency
10806 Ventura Blvd., Ste 2
Studio City, CA 91604


Commercial Submissions

We welcome submissions for commercial representation from all actors.  While credits are preferred, Ideal Talent Agency is open to considering all talent, but especially those with sufficient training for commercial acting – particularly improv experience and completion of a top tier commercial class.

Our agency reads all talent for our commercial department with very strict quality control.  

Theatrical Submissions

Most of our theatrical clients with fewer credits that we sign theatrically originate from our commercial department.  For those solely seeking theatrical representation, Ideal Talent Agency generally only signs talent theatrically that meets the following requirements for consideration:

  • Name value of any level.
  • Child actors.
  • Various character Actors with over 25 credits in TV or major films.
  • Under the age of 18:  Strong natural skills and marketable look.
  • 18 – 21 year old:  TV co-Star credits or supporting roles in major films.  Model looks and solid training will also be considered.
  • 22 – 25 year old:  TV guest star credits or strong supporting in major films.
  • 26 – 30 years old:  TV recurring credits or major lead role in film.
  • 31 – 35 years old:  TV series regular credits or major film name value.
  • 35+ years old:  Extremely extensive list of credits, major award nomination, or household name status.

Our agency does make limited exceptions.  Currently, we are particularly looking to sign:

  • Bilingual Hispanic clients under 30 years old, 
  • Children, especially boys 6 – 15 years old,
  • Very attractive, athletic males 15 – 25 years old,
  • Very attractive women 15 – 22 years old, especially diverse actors, 
  • Actors under 40 years old with extensive multi-cam credits, particularly actors 26 – 34 with heavy multi-cam credits.  
  • Comedians under 35 with very strong character reels.


Ideal Talent Agency does not take unsolicited pitches from writers.   You may submit writing credits and published or produced samples.   Unless specifically requested, do not submit log lines, treatments, spec scripts.  

Directors / Producers / Content Creators

Send streaming links to any of your produced work as well as resume to